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When it comes to bathrooms, one flooring option certainly stands out above the rest: tile. Why is tile such a great option? For one thing, tile is waterproof, so it can handle moderate to high levels of moisture. Plus, tile is available in so many different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes! So, if you want to add style to your bathroom without sacrificing durability, be sure to choose tile.

For bathroom floors, ceramic tile and porcelain tile are the best options. They are water and wear resistant, and they also remain strong against foot traffic. As a result, both tile options are extremely easy to clean. Click here to learn more about ceramic and porcelain.

Tiles aren’t only suitable for floors; they are great for walls and backsplashes, and they even can be used to create custom showers and baths. Shower tile and bath tile tend to be smaller than floor tile, but they are certainly more design-oriented.

To learn more about the many bathroom tile options, be sure to visit Masterpiece Carpet One in Kalispell, MT. Our experts will help you make the perfect tile choice, and they’ll also help you design showers, baths, and backsplashes!