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Commercial Flooring Considerations

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Masterpiece Carpet One is your neighborhood expert when it comes to commercial flooring. We can handle help design your setting, choose your flooring, and ultimately install your new flooring.  Visit our Kalispell, MT store to get your commercial project started!

There are multiple factors to consider when planning your commercial project.  Three of the most important factors are durability, maintenance, and safety.


When shopping for a commercial floor, it is important to think about durability. To truly be long-lasting, the flooring will need to handle any foot traffic, drops, and other stresses. For offices, a commercial carpet is appropriate. For warehouses and similar areas, however, stone and linoleum flooring are great options.

Easy to Clean

Upkeep is another important factor to consider when shopping for commercial flooring. Most commercial areas are large, so, to save time and money, floors need to be easy to clean. Are you considering commercial carpet for you project? Be sure to consider the fact that carpet needs to be vacuumed.  Vinyl flooring might be a better option since only routine sweeping is necessary.


Safety is key in a commercial setting, as businesses need to work diligently to prevent accidents. Non-slip flooring in public restrooms with a high chance for water spills, for example, is ideal. A textured flooring is also a logical option for settings with lots of foot traffic. Porcelain tile is practical in these types of settings, and even commercial-grade vinyl flooring is appropriate.