Premium style and performance from COREtec

COREtec's Advantages

COREtec flooring Kalispell, MT

When it comes to reliability and performance, nothing can compare to luxury vinyl flooring. And, when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, nothing can compare to COREtec. COREtec is specially-engineered to provide the best that luxury vinyl has to offer, including authentic styles and premium durability.

What makes COREtec so great? It has a few product performance technologies that you won’t find with other luxury vinyl flooring options. All COREtec floors, for example, have a patented core structure (from which COREtec derives its name). The core structure provides strength and stability to the vinyl tiles and planks, so they will not expand, contract, or break under external pressures. Also, because of the core structure, COREtec is 100% waterproof!

In addition, most COREtec flooring options, including COREtec Plus, have a special cork underlayment. The cork underlayment, given its softness and flexibility, makes COREtec floors rather warm comfortable underfoot. Plus, you’ll never again view noisy foot traffic as a burden because the cork muffles noise. What makes the cork underlayment even more beneficial is its effect on installation. With flexible cork as its last layer, COREtec tiles and planks can be installed over most uneven subfloors. Other luxury vinyl floors, especially those that need to be installed with an adhesive, simply do not have this versatility!

To learn more about COREtec and to check out some samples first-hand, be sure to visit Masterpiece Carpet One in Kalispell, MT. We carry a great selection of COREtec flooring options, so we’ll certainly have a style to suit your needs!