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Superior strength and stability from IVC

IVC's Features

IVC flooring Kalispell, MT

At Masterpiece Carpet One, we offer a great selection of quality vinyl flooring. One of our featured vinyl brands is IVC. IVC vinyl flooring is durable and long-lasting largely because of a few unique product features, including the SuperGuard Stain Shield, QuickClean Wear Layer, Fiberglass Layer, and Comfort Foam Backing.

SuperGuard Stain Shield: IVC’s unique stain shield, which is added to the floor’s surface, protects against spills and stains. Dirt, dust, and liquids will not seep into the floor, and the floor will avoid permanent stains.

QuickClean Wear Layer: The QuickClean layer also does well to repel spills and stains. With this wear layer, any spills can simply we wiped from the floor’s surface without significant consequences. In fact, special cleaning treatments are typically not even required!

Fiberglass Layer: IVC’s Fiberglass Layer is unique to its vinyl floor selection. The additional fiberglass provides strength and stability against impacts such as foot traffic, so it helps the floor retain its solid construction and appearance.

Comfort Foam Backing: For extra softness and comfort underfoot, IVC includes the Comfort Foam Backing with its vinyl floors. This backing certainly makes IVC vinyl more flexible and therefore more comfortable than hard surface floors such as hardwood and tile.

Visit our Kalispell, MT store to learn more about vinyl flooring and to check out our IVC flooring collection. One of our vinyl experts will help you make the perfect choice!