Stylish carpet that's specially-built to handle spills and stains

STAINMASTER carpet Kalispell, MT

High-Quality STAINMASTER Carpet

When it comes to high-quality, stain resistant carpet, one name certainly stands above the rest: STAINMASTER. STAINMASTER carpet is certainly one of the first options homeowners consider when looking for a new carpet, so we at Masterpiece Carpet One are happy to offer a selection. Why exactly does STAIMASTER carpet perform so well?

STAINMASTER carpets include a few different features and technologies that you won’t find anywhere else. The carpets, for example, are made with ultra-durable type 6,6 nylon fibers. These fibers have an extremely tight molecule structure, so they are difficult to stain. And, the fibers also will not crush or wear down like traditional carpet fibers.

In addition, STAINMASTER carpets are treated with a unique stain protectant. This protectant is chemically bonded with heat, so it will never wear away or wash off, even after steam cleanings. In fact, STAINMASTER’s stain protectant is considered totally permanent! With this stain protectant, STAINMASTER carpets will resist virtually all stains.

STAINMASTER carpets have more than strong fibers and stain protection. They have the Lotus FX Fiber Shield, which actually prevents soil from sticking to the surface. This leads to greater vacuuming efficiency and therefore a cleaner surface. STAINMASTER carpets also have anti-static technology.

As you can imagine, STAINMASTER carpets are built to handle even the busiest household settings. So, be sure to visit our Kalispell, MT showroom to check out our STAINMASTER display. We offer STAINMASTER as part of our Bigelow STAINMASTER selection. Click here to learn more about Bigelow STAINMASTER.