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stone flooring Kalispell, MT

Stone flooring used to be only practical for commercial settings, but it has recently grown popular in residential settings as well. There are two types of stone flooring available today: natural and engineered. 

Natural stone flooring, as you can imagine, is made from real stone. It is therefore strong and durable, and it can withstand heavy foot traffic and moisture. Natural stone can also be sealed to protect the surface from everyday spills.

Natural stone provides timeless, unique looks since there are no two stone floors that look exactly the same. These looks provide luxury and value to a home, and they also add character to any indoor or outdoor setting. Natural stone floors can be finished for extra shine, and the surfaces also can be textured for rustic looks.

Engineered stone flooring
looks very much like natural stone, but it is made mostly from synthetic materials. It is relatively soft and flexible, so engineered stone will not crack. Plus, this flexibility makes engineered stone comfortable underfoot. At the same time, given the special construction, engineered stone is much warmer to the touch than natural stone. Like natural stone, engineered stone will resist stains and moisture, so it will certainly be long-lasting.

Be sure to visit Masterpiece Carpet One in Kalispell, MT to learn more about stone flooring. We carry both solid and engineered stone, but rest assured that our experts will help you make the perfect choice.