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Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Refinishing


Are you interested in bringing your worn hardwood floors to life? One of the best ways to make your hardwood floors look brand-new is by getting them refinished, and at Masterpiece Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re happy to offer hardwood refinishing as one of our services! From old pine wood floors to newer hardwoods that have been exposed to a lot of wear, we can help you bring your hardwoods from their dull look to charming elegance once again.


Types of Hardwood Refinishing


There are two different ways to refinish floors: buffing, or sanding and refinishing, and they can vary depending on your situation. Our professionals can tell you which type of refinishing is best for your floors. 



Buffing hardwood floors simply handles the scratches that exist on the surface of your floors. If your scratches are only surface-deep, then buffing could be right for you. Our professionals will buff out the scratches with a tool, and they will refinish them. This process does not remove the stain from your hardwood floors.



Sanding and refinishing floors is a bit different. When you have scratches, dents, or wear that is beyond the surface, this is the best choice. Sanding and refinishing is one of the most popular ways to make your hardwood floors look new. The first step involves ensuring that your floors are ready to be sanded, by first removing all of your furniture from the areas where sanding and refinishing will take place. Once the flooring is removed, and items are covered, our pros will start sanding. The sanding is a meticulous process, as the floors are only sanded down to just below the stain and scratches.



Sanding makes it possible for the scratches to seemingly disappear. Once the sanding is done, our pros will stain and then refinish the floors with either and oil or water-based finish, depending on your preference. When it is dry, your hardwood floors will look brand-new! 



If you think hardwood refinishing is what you need, stop by our showroom in Kalispell, MT, or give us a call today! 



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