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Stanton Carpet

Designer-Driven Stanton Carpet


STANTON carpet with side table

Stanton Carpet has offered quality, stylish carpets since 1980. It has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry, so be sure to visit us at Masterpiece Carpet One to check out our selection.



What sets Stanton apart from other carpet brands is its emphasis on design. In fact, Stanton considers itself to be “driven by design.” This means that Stanton puts style and design above all when it manufactures its carpets. As a result, Stanton offers many styles, patterns, and weaves that are exclusive. So, for a unique and stylish carpet that will be perfect for your home, take a look at Stanton.



Most Stanton carpets are made from wool or a wool blend. Wool carpets are naturally soil resistant, so they repel most stains without much of an issue. Plus, wool cleans well, so the carpets are easy to clean when dirt and other particles stick to the surface. Since wool is natural, wool carpets also contribute to a healthy and safe living environment.

Our Selection


We are happy to offer a few different Stanton options as part of our wide carpet selection. Here are some of our favorites:



Sequoia: Sequoia carpets, which are part of the Natural Wonders collection, feature a natural wool construction. As a result, the carpets are naturally stain resistant, and they will stand strong against foot traffic. Plus, because wool is free from harmful chemicals and can actually help purify the air, Sequoia carpets are an eco-friendly and healthy choice for your home. There are 10 different colors available from which to choose, so no design is off limits.



Click here to learn more about Sequoia.



Astor Place: Like Sequoia, Astor Place carpets are made from real wool. So, they are naturally stain resistant and eco-friendly. You can choose from five different colors, including beige, grey, and light brown.



Click here to learn more about Astor Place.



Sakura: Sakura carpets are not made from real wool; rather, they feature a Royaltron Polypropylene construction. These fibers are some of the most durable available, as they will resist stains, foot traffic, and any other wear and tear typically associated with carpets. In addition, Sakura carpets, because of this construction, will not fade over time.



Click here to learn more about Sakura.

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