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Wood Flooring

Bamboo & Cork Flooring


With more and more residential and commercial consumers listing “sustainability” as a chief concern while planning their next renovation project, naturally-sourced cork flooring and bamboo flooring are both rising stars in the interior décor industry. Although they’re still not as popular as pine or oak, cork and bamboo are becoming more and more common fixtures in our homes and businesses – and for good reasons. With their natural beauty, respectively unique features, and renewable sourcing, these fabulous floors are guaranteed to stun…and to sustain.



At Masterpiece Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry all the latest bamboo and cork flooring products that you love, including some awe-inspiring styles by Voyager. Looking for sustainable flooring that comforts your feet, while distinguishing your unique space? Our experienced staff can help you find the perfect pick in bamboo or cork flooring to fit your styling vision.



Want to learn more about natural bamboo and cork flooring? Visit our Kalispell showroom to view our displays, or call us to schedule your FREE onsite project estimate.



Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo flooring is a perfect option for those wishing for flooring that’s anything but boring. Harder than its more conventional counterparts, bamboo is also harvested from a plant that regenerates significantly faster than many tree species. Bamboo plank flooring is offered up in a wide array of shades and finishes, and is very easy to install.



Cork Flooring


This lightweight, moisture absorbing wood is harvested from the same Mediterranean tree bark used to produce wine corks. This process doesn’t harm the trees, which quickly regenerate their bark, making cork a readily renewable resource. Cork naturally absorbs moisture, heat, and sound, and makes for some interesting grain patterns that are extremely soft underfoot.



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